10 Online Tools I use for My Blog

10 Online Tools I use for My Blog

Every blogger has their own special online tools to make their blog stand out from the rest. It has taken me a while to find the right tools for me but here they are! Some tools do have free trials and others are free! Check them out!


Two for editing: spelling error and grammar

Hemingway’s editor: the online free version where you can copy and paste your work, and a paid version that is a desktop app.

Grammarly: There are a free version and a premium version that catches more errors

Three for graphics, infographics, and images to spice up your articles

Canva: There is a free version and a paid version. Both are great and have a variety of templates to choose from

Shutterstock: Great for getting free images, again there is a paid version to more access to exclusive pictures Great free online source for where a picture doesn’t quite capture what you want to say.

Two for storage and organizing thoughts to make the best posts!

Google docs: I use a lot when I am on the go. I type my ideas on my phone under google doc and save it for when I get back to my computer.

OneNote: Lots of features, is a paid service with Microsoft but none the less- worth it! This helps me get my ideas all on one page as well as sort out ideas for other projects I am working on.

Three great places to share your blog posts to and grow your audiences

Facebook: The biggest platform to share with a wide audience. Easily connect to your blog and web site.

Pinterest: Great for sharing graphics and infographics on your blog to drive more traffic to your website

Instagram: For everyday pictures and another great place to grab new audience members.

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Keep kicking and smiling! –TJ Banski

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