Week 2

Hey Week 2 update coming at you from TJ Banski! Successfully learning more about marketing and tailoring to an audience. One Big question I ask my self: Who do I want my audience to be? Anyone wanting to learn more and share their success stories. That is a broad range but I suppose it's one... Continue Reading →

My Good Morning Routine

A Good Morning routine: it's consistent, with slight variations but the main parts stay the same: Lemon water, Meditation, work out, listen to fun music and eat breakfast! My day at begins with a half cup of lemon water. Fresh squeezed lemons in water. You can add honey of course it. For me it adds... Continue Reading →

Positive and Productive

Day 15: 9/16/17 Using my Law of Attraction Planner I have created some new habits for myself to keep positive and productive. For instance at work do the harder projects before lunch. Its like a build up and motivates to you complete them before lunch time. Nothing like getting through the hard time and being... Continue Reading →

Routinely Self Aware

Day 10: 9/11/17 Routine is Key! I deviated from my morning routine and felt really off. I woke up listened to my morning happy playlist while taking a shower and then meditated after. I felt sleepy and groggy for the rest of the day. Even if I listened to that same play list after mediation,... Continue Reading →

Week 1

Hey there TJ Banski here! Blog site is just undergoing it's final finishing touches. So excited! Come check out the progress! And kudos to the first 40 views on the blog site itself! You rock! Share, like, and subscribe!

Banking Etiquette

Things to know when going to the bank: Not all banks are the same. Procedures, and policies may different from bank to bank. So don't blame the employee for the services they can or cannot provide for you. If so make a suggestion and they can log that to better their company Always have your... Continue Reading →

Chicken Pasta Salad

Chicken Pasta Salad A summer favorite at my folks house. My mom made this all the time with different variations of ingredients. Great for summer bbq's,  an easy to serve and eat meal. Serves: 8-10 Prep time: 45 minutes ish Ingredients: 4 Good Sized Chicken Breasts 18 oz bag of Cork Screw pasta- Gluten free... Continue Reading →

Stepping Stone

9/8/17 Day 7: While seeking for more tools and ways to help me keep positive through out my day I found Tony Robbins on Youtube. One of the first short shpeals I heard was of him curing a man of his stutter. Releasing the mans inner warrior to regain his voice. This video was so... Continue Reading →

The Discovery

Thinking Positive 9/2/17 Day 1: One night while browsing Netflix I came upon a documentary/ short film called "The Secret". I watched as people told their stories about this Secret. The first segment got me hooked. I wasn't sure how to even comprehend the possibilities that this was a real thing. I mean really what... Continue Reading →

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