The Discovery

Thinking Positive

9/2/17 Day 1:

One night while browsing Netflix I came upon a documentary/ short film called “The Secret“. I watched as people told their stories about this Secret. The first segment got me hooked. I wasn’t sure how to even comprehend the possibilities that this was a real thing. I mean really what is it? What is The Secret? **Spoilers** the ‘Secret’ to life, to an abundant life, is The Law of Attraction. Now at it’s basics you attract what you think about. Positive thoughts attract positive things, people and experiences. Negative thoughts do just the same. “Thoughts Become Things”- as one of mentors put it in the documentary. How you feel about situations, thoughts and surrounds affects the out come of what you are wanting. If you feel certain things associated with those thoughts such as deep passion the faster its going to happen. For instance if I continue to say passionately to myself “I am not going to have a bad day.” No matter if I say no, it will happen because my passion is so focused on a bad day. So rather say “I am going to have a good day”, with good feeling and joy behind it, and it will happen. Another point that really hit it home for me was the Law of Attraction is like a universal catalog. Ask for anything, believe it will happen, feel gratitude for what you do have and Receive it. There is an ample supply. Not everyone wants to have the same clothes, be with the same person or experience the same things. The possibilities are endless. Of course this is snip-it on what I got from watching this. Check it out when you have a chance.  All in all I changed my way of thinking ever so slightly, changing up phrases like “I can’t” to “I can.” Baby steps in the right direction.

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