Stepping Stone

9/8/17 Day 7:

While seeking for more tools and ways to help me keep positive through out my day I found Tony Robbins on Youtube. One of the first short shpeals I heard was of him curing a man of his stutter. Releasing the mans inner warrior to regain his voice. This video was so moving I literally trembled while crying because I too am trying to find my inner warrior. After watching, I turned on one of my favorite songs “Feelin’ Good” by Micheal Buble’ and started singing. This really help lift my mood to a higher place and really made me feel good about singing out loud and finding my inner voice. I used to be in choir back in high school and college. It was something I thoroughly enjoyed and really felt alive when I sang. Music in general for me has been around my whole life ever since I could remember and it’s one thing I am pretty passionate about. Before I get too side tracked I watched more videos on how Tony Robbins helped several people find their inner selves and get through some really emotionally scaring things. Wow, I just couldn’t believe some of the testimonies people had gone through, but it was what they were doing about it that really hit it home for me. They were confronting it. Confrontation is not my strong suit, I avoid it at all costs, and when it come to me or that. I end up having to bite my lip and face it head on. Sure, I had my fair share of bad things happen in my life. But I never fully gave up. Some thing always drove me forward even if at times I felt like was crawling. During my video watching I found a planner, not just any planner but a Law of Attraction Planner. It has everything broken down and with tools and skills to become more self aware and really set up a game plan for the future. I bought it. Its been 4 days and honestly it feels weird to not sticking to my daily routine. Things are definitely looking up. I feel it. Amongst all the chaos in my life, doing the 30 day Law of Attraction challenge has brought me some inner peace.

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