Banking Etiquette

Things to know when going to the bank:

  1. Not all banks are the same. Procedures, and policies may different from bank to bank. So don’t blame the employee for the services they can or cannot provide for you. If so make a suggestion and they can log that to better their company
  2. Always have your ID handy. Whether you are checking your balance, withdrawing, or depositing funds, have your ID and Bank card handy. As bank associates need to verify who you are and verify in the system you are who you say you are. It doesn’t matter if you have been with the bank for 50+ years and have millions in your account, if you see a new face you don’t recognize show your ID so they can remember you for next time.
  3. Fill out a deposit slip. Of course again this may pertain to number 1 because filling out a deposit slip may differ from bank ahead. If you need to fill one out, fill one out. That way you are in and out of bank rather than having to hold up the line for everyone else while you fill out a deposit slip. If you don’t want to wait there are other options that any bank associate can tell you about. ATM, mobile deposit, drive thru teller, options. Don’t be mad if you have to wait in line if you know your other options.
  4. Call ahead. Not sure if you can be seen that day for a name change on the account, opening an account or any other service? Call ahead to your nearest banking center branch that you bank at and ask. It will save you time in the long run, rather than coming in late just before the branch closes and need to wire money to your family on the east coast. It won’t get there the same day.
  5. Set up an Appointment! Its ok to do so. Its actually better. That way your bank associate can have the time and be prepared to help you the best they can. It saves you time and energy and plus it’s on your time. Rather than coming into the banking center not knowing what to expect, by setting up an appointment your banker can prepare you on what to bring that way there is no delay in helping you get what you need and done.
  6. Bank associates are humans too. Hey they are human, they make mistakes. Its how they handle that mistake and how you react. Universal motto treat others how you want to be treated. Simple as that. If they are having a bad day, don’t make it worse by being a bad customer and be the better customer and make them laugh. Customer experience goes hand in hand with how the customer treats the associates too. Just because you have been banking with ABC bank for 50+ years and have millions doesn’t mean you have every right to treat the bank associate as a pee on. That’s just rude and uncalled for.
  7. “Mr. ???” Hey again associates are human and can forget your name. Hey they see a lot of people in a week let alone in a day so it’s hard to keep track. The regulars for sure will be remembered but the ones that drop by every now and again are harder to remember. Be a memorable but not in the negative way and they will remember you.
  8. Walking in, Check in. Need to speak with an associate about your account check in with a lobby leader or teller. Its that simple. They can give you an approximate time when the next banker is available to help you, answer your question or find out the answer for you. Never assume bank associates know why you are there and stand in the waiting area waiting to be helped, when in doubt just check with a teller and they can point you in the right direction.
  9. Know your account number. Not recommended, definitely optional but always useful to know. Knowing the last four of the account is always helpful especially if you have multiple accounts.

Think of any more things we’ll just have to start a thread! Lol

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