Routinely Self Aware

Day 10: 9/11/17

Routine is Key! I deviated from my morning routine and felt really off. I woke up listened to my morning happy playlist while taking a shower and then meditated after. I felt sleepy and groggy for the rest of the day. Even if I listened to that same play list after mediation, the feeling wasn’t right. It’s good every now and again to change up routine but sometimes changing up during your first few days while learning to think more positively can be even more difficult. Of if you hear bad news. How do you react? How would you react? For me I kept rethinking all the good times and how grateful I felt to have had that experience happen. Those hard experiences and being able to look back on them and learn from them really helped me get into a better state of mind. Then I ate ice cream or listened to fun song that picked me back up again. Reflection on the past, what had happened and how it made me a better person.  Being able to move on can be the hardest feeling in the world, you wanna stay in it. Emotionally I was killing me to dwell on what I could have done. Listening to more of Tony Robbins YouTube tracks and talks really helped me break through emotionally. Made me exam why I looked to certain things and found the root of it to stop the bad habits I made to fuel my emotional downward spiral. Building self awareness is definitely part of the journey to an abundant life.

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