Positive and Productive

Day 15: 9/16/17IMG_20170918_114246_585
Using my Law of Attraction Planner I have created some new habits for myself to keep positive and productive.
For instance at work do the harder projects before lunch. Its like a build up and motivates to you complete them before lunch time. Nothing like getting through the hard time and being able to enjoy your lunch and the rest of the day without a worry. At lunch you can enjoy yourself, eat a healthy lunch, talk with a friend or family on the phone, and have an uplifting conversation. You can also read, write, listen to music and go for a walk. After lunch do the easier tasks. Stuff that still keeps your check list to a minimum among other smaller tasks. Before leaving the day take a half hour to wrap things up and set up a small todo list, three or four things, to do the next day. Put it somewhere you can see it and do through out your day. Use fun highlighters to show important of the task and color code your day. This keeps you on track One thing I noticed with this system, I have more energy after work. I am able to go out for dinner with friends or family. I’m am not stressed out about what more I have to do the next day. A routine has been set and I can let tomorrow worry about itself and I can enjoy my time, friend time and or family time.
Test it out for a week see what you think, leave a comment and like down below. Oh and don’t forget to Share and subscribe.

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