How to Keep your kids Safe During Halloween

"Be safe! Stick together!" Halloween was pretty fun when I was little.  Dressing up like mini mouse or Princess jasmine, the best parts were always going to Grandma and Grandpa for treats. These great tips will help you and your trick or treaters safe. Stick together: Trick or Treaters are safe in a buddy system.... Continue Reading →

Day 1: Cold Shower Challenge

Hey there! TJ Banski here! I was challenged by my friend to do the 30 day Cold Shower Challenge below is my video. Day 1! 29 days to go! I'll post weekly of my progress and daily on twitter! Enjoy! Let's go!

How to Speak Passionately

Have you ever met a person who had so much excitement in the way they talked you too felt exhausted after talking to them? Its because they talk passionately about their work or the things they love. Feeling passionate is a great state to be in. You can achieve so much. For me I achieved... Continue Reading →

The How and Why?

During a summer night in 2013, I had a dream of a secret world right under our noses. All from third person perspective I watched as a confused blond haired young man came faced to face with a creature one could only imagine in fairy tales or legends. The creature emerged from a brown hair... Continue Reading →

This beach has always had a place in my heart. Not only did I come here a lot during my days in school but coming back here, now has always been fun and a place I can reflect and get great ideas to write about.

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