The How and Why?

During a summer night in 2013, I had a dream of a secret world right under our noses. All from third person perspective I watched as a confused blond haired young man came faced to face with a creature one could only imagine in fairy tales or legends. The creature emerged from a brown hair young man only after being exposed through a sphere like chamber created from a device that tainted the known reality. Yet no one else could see what was happening. There in the middle of the sphere like chamber was a young woman with glowing eyes and wielding a force sword confronting the creature. I woke excitedly and immediately wrote down all the details I could about this dream. After encouragement from friends and family and a time crunch event during the month of November, known as National Write a Novel Month that I made this scene become it’s own creature of a book. I soon made it into the series of books soon to be. Outlining in progress. I wanted to write this series to bring a little more fantasy to everyday life. Fantasy books such as Harry Potter Series, Immortal Instrument Series, and the Dresden Files have really helped me escape from reality even if for a little while and sometimes come back with a different perspective. The authors of these series have really inspired me to continue writing. My hope is to inspire young writers to keep writing and follow their dreams.

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