How to Speak Passionately

Have you ever met a person who had so much excitement in the way they talked you too felt exhausted after talking to them? Its because they talk passionately about their work or the things they love. Feeling passionate is a great state to be in. You can achieve so much. For me I achieved my first degree black belt six months before the average person in Taekwondo could achieve it. Why? I was really passionate about what I did, how Taekwondo made me feel and how I could teach others. While listening to a Law of Attraction exercises, I was told to talk about something I loved dispassionate for three minutes and then talk about that some thing I loved with passion for three minutes. Afterwards make notes of my behavior of each time I spoke. Its all in the way you care yourself. The state of passion can lead to some incredible things.

Some things I noticed when I spoke passionately:

My Voice: My tone is upbeat and happy. My voice volume is louder. I don’t stutter.

My Posture: I stand up straight, my head is up, shoulders are back

My Hands: I talk with my hands more. My hands are up above my head or explaining something.

My Eyes: open wide and always looking around, my eye brows are raised

My Mouth: I smile a lot

Energy level: 10+ on a scale of one to ten. Heart rate is high.

Topic: I spoke only of the positive things on what I loved or the topic I chose to talk about.

What are something you are passionate about? Leave a comment and like down below!


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