What is the Law of Attraction Planner?

For the super organized or ones who are wanting to be this is a great planner.

In the Law of Attraction Planner the first several pages are mainly an introduction for the planner. The makers really wanted to ensure the users of the planner are taking full advantage of learning about yourself and increasing your self awareness through how you are managing your state of being. In other words, for someone who is diligently managing their emotions one can truly experience inner peace and what the law of attraction has to offer. There are some really great tips in the beginning to help you change you mind state and really play around with it!

Going through the first several pages can be a little daunting ecspecially if you haven’t really thought about reflecting of your past. My suggestion definitely watch The Secret first before using the planner. This will help in that aspect for those of you ready to dive in, take in 20 minutes of your day to fill out each section. This may take you a week or two but really reflect on what it is you really want and what mind state really controls your emotions. For me each section I took me 20-30 minutes just coming up with an idea  of what I wanted. For instance there are question in the first part of planner that will really make you think. If you are not used to thinking in that way it can be difficult to come up with an answer you would be happy with. Example: How do you want to grow? – this is pertaining to all aspects of life. Yes of course we all want to be abundant but we need to be specific. Then there is why? See it’s a little harder. The back part of planner does a good job of explaining a little futher on what needs to be associated with the first several pages and can give you an example of what to put down. There is a lot to go through so pace your self.

The actual planner part:

There is a monthly and weekly planner inside.For the month goals have it pertain to medium things you want to achieve. Maybe that is having a positive mind set for 30 days or working on networking and meeting the right people to help you bring you one step closer to your goal. What I like is that there is a portion where you can write down how you will reward yourself. Reward? Treat yourself to something fun, do something for yourself. “Do you boo, boo!” Plan on a short road trip with friends, or a baseball game with friends who ever it is with even if it’s a spa day for yourself. Next section is Feel Good intentions. This is where you put what you will do through out the month and daily to help you get into a relaxed state of mind and beyond. The goal to to always be in a blissful state of mind. Fore example: Mediating every day, going for a walk, excisise, singing in your car on the way to work. What ever it is have 3-4 ways that way you can rotate through them. There is a section where you can put in your other goals for the month, this can help you over all monthly goal or it can be other personal goals. Actions to take is about section where you can actually list what it is you really need to take. Wake up earlier to excersise or spend an hour a day listening to a Law of Attraction teaching. There is a blank area where you can write down notes, mind maps and other things. And of course through out the month write down what’ll be happening what things you have planned etc.  At the end of each month reflect, take a half hour to an hour and reflect on your month, what went well, what goals did you meet, what can you more do you need to achieve your goals. This for me was really helpful. I realized that my first month using this planner wasn’t as succesfful as I thought and now I am more diligent of really sticking to it because I made the concious effort.

It’s also a weekly planner! Here you can really break down your weekly goals, set positve habits and set prioities for each day. Good feels was always one I put at the top of my list of priorities through out the week. If you are feeling good things will go in the right direction. There are also great inspriational quotes through out the planner that can get your mind going each week.

Overall it’s a great tool to keep organized and encourage yourself to keep thinking positive.  Highlighters are super helpful and different color pens make it fun to fill out. Every day take a glance, add and make necessary changes to your day to day. Seriously just 20 minutes a day!

Check out this link for more information! Law of Attraction Planner- through Manifestation Planner

Super helpful!

Let me know how you are liking your planner! What are some things you are planning for yourself after to achieve your monthly goals?

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