How to Keep your kids Safe During Halloween

“Be safe! Stick together!”

Halloween was pretty fun when I was little.  Dressing up like mini mouse or Princess jasmine, the best parts were always going to Grandma and Grandpa for treats. These great tips will help you and your trick or treaters safe.

  • Stick together: Trick or Treaters are safe in a buddy system. If you or another adult are not with them buddy system there is safety in numbers! Assign a captain to keep all trick or treaters together and moving from house to house as a unit.
  • Glow sticks or glow wrist bands: Have your trick or treater wear or bring something that glows. That way you can still see them and they can see each other and regroup if needed.
  • Inspect candy before eating: Expired candy is a no way to go. Inspect your candy for expired or harmful candies so your trick or treaters won’t get sick.
  • Map it out: Having a plan where your trick or treaters will be when and where. Map out a route of houses that your group of trick or treaters would like to go to and which would be the best lite while walking from house to house.
  • Meet and Greet: In your neighborhood meet and greet your neighbors before taking them to trick or treat at there houses. This helps create rapport and confidence in a safe neighborhood.

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