Week 4ish

Hey TJ Banski Here! Just living' life and taking a lot of pictures! I think I am getting a hang of this blogging thing. Creating a stride, setting aside time to write and schedule to keep on posting regularly even if it's once or twice a week. Would love you hear for you! My audience!... Continue Reading →

Cinnamon Maple Baked Chicken

This recipe I came up with on the fly during a fall night.¬†One of those recipes I literally threw together in a pinch. Curious about different flavor together, this dish is sweet with a little spice. Serves 4-6 Prep time 15minutes Cook time 40 minutes Ingredients: Fresh Chicken thighs, breasts or legs Maple syrup Cinnamon... Continue Reading →

Week 3

Slightly past the week 3, it's been a hard several days not only for my family but me. My grandpa passed away. Words can't express how difficult a loss of a family member is especially when it's someone you are close too. My grandpa was like a father figure to me. He taught me a... Continue Reading →

8 Ways to Change Your Mood

With the weather changing it can be difficult to keep a positive mind set. Those who suffer with SAD, Seasonal Affected Disorder have, depression symptoms and lack of vitamin D during fall and winter seasons. Since I have been meditating and sticking to my morning routine, this really hasn't been an issue. By meditating under... Continue Reading →

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