NANOWRIMO Tips of the Trade

During the month of November, NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month is a great event where you can write 50,000 word novel in a 30 days. The first time I did this I while training at  as a shift supervisor at Starbucks. For me it was totally worth it. I tested and challenged myself during this month and in the long run has made it possible for me to even get my novel series started. This challenge is definitely not for the weak of heart. Once you set your mind to it, for me I needed and wanted to get this done. So go for it! Here are some tips for anyone who is wanting to write their very own 50,000 word novel.

  1. Planning: Don’t just start off writing plan ahead a few weeks in advance before NaNoWriMo. Write down major plot points, character details, setting, etc
  2. Pace thy self: it’s 1667 words a day. If you know you are planning a trip or something fun during some of the days you are working on you novel take off specific days to just writing. Example Thanksgiving. Write before going over to see friends and family or write a few days before.
  3. Edit at the end: Don’t edit as you go, it demotivates you in the long run. Soon you will doubt yourself that you can make it. Keep going edit at the end.
  4. Write and continue to write when creative juices are flowing: even if you met your word quota of the day keep writing when you have a great scene you ar writing.
  5. When staring off into the distance about a scene you want to write out, don’t look angry. This scares people. When writing in a public place I have had people move from my line of sight because I think my thinking face scared them.
  6. Keep a thesaurus handy: Need a word that really describes the situation or feeling? Looking it up. You can find multiple words to describe what you are about to describe.
  7. Keep in touch by texting friends and family.Keep conversations short if in the middle of creative juice flow. This goes back to tip number 2.
  8. Increase WPM: doing excersises to increase your words per minute really help in getting your thoughts out quickly so you can remember them.
  9. Don’t spill hot boiling water on your hand again… ouch!: I did this working at my last job. Always have a back up plan. If you can write it down, get awesome speech to text tools such as Dragon or speech to text apps to help get those ideas out in the car or while on the go.
  10. It’s okay to take breaks. Take breaks to see family and friends, or just go outside and find inspirataion. Coffee or caffienated beverage breaks are a must! Keep hydrated.
  11. Listen to creative writing music, create a play list :-): This is will those creative juices flow through your brain and on to the page.
  12. Motivate thy self and others with fun quotes and encouraging words: surf the net and read some motivational stories this can help too keep motivated while writing.
  13. Motivate your self with snack foods, for ever hundred words eat an m&m.
  14. Have fun! Be creative! Write like the wind!

For more great tips, inspiration and a way to keep track of the number of words you have check out the NANOWRIMO community at These guys really helped me keep task and motivated. Happy Writing!

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