Gluten Free Me!

I used to find it annoying when people used to ask for a special menu because of a food allergy of sorts, now well, I’m in that boat. It’s now more annoying that some places don’t have a gluten free option. Ironic, right? Four years ago I decided to try not eating any gluten for about a month. At first it was very hard. No cookies or cakes, or bread or cookies. So basically anything with barley, wheat, or rye was a no-no leading to a very upset tummy. My digestive tract wasn’t processing the food properly more so leading to cloudy head feeling, forgetfulness, fatigue, being sick longer, itchy palms, and bumps on my skin. Longer term affects leading to diseases, I can’t even to begin to comprehend. I had the symptoms of Celiac Disease. All from gluten? Seemed crazy at first but I tried going gluten free for a month and well never looked back. I have energy again. I can stay up longer in stead of falling asleep from an upset tummy. I seem to remember a lot more than I used to. I’m not sick for as long. I feel healthy and happier. Its strange. Yes, it can be inconvenient. I make do. I eat before going places or bring gluten free snacks along. I read the label of everything. Even if it says gluten free, always read the label it may have been manufactured in a place where they made gluten free items. Nothing to really feel sorry about, it’s healthier for me this way. I found gluten free flour, Namaste. I use this to make all sorts of baked goods. And oh yes, gluten free bread, I missed. So moist! 🙂 Its not for everyone that’s for sure but being on this new diet change has helped with my well being. I lost a pound every day for a week but once I found food I could eat. I mainly stick to meat, vegetables and rice. I feel healthier and ready to take on the world. Thanks everyone who has helped make this dietary, well lifestyle, change possible. 🙂

Great places to shop for gluten free treats and goods:

Trader Joes



Fred Myer


Check out the Gluten Intolerance Group, a great place to get more questions answered and other information regarding Gluten free options.

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