Life ABC Advice List

A alphabetical advice list of fun and ones to ponder. Most of this list I have heard from someone, movies I watched, or books I have read. A Law of Attraction ABC list if you will. Enjoy!

A:  Ask the right questions, receive the right answers!

B: Believe it will happen!

C: Change is good!

D: DO IT! Just do it!

E: Extraordinary things only happen when you believe!

F: Focus on your goal!

G: Give as much as you can!

H: Habits become values. Keep your habits positive!

I: Inspire others, who need to be inspired!

J: Jump around! Be excited!

K: Keep moving forward, don’t look back!

L: Listen, Learn, Live, Love, Laugh!

M: Make it happen! Only you can!

N: “Never Give Up! Never Surrender!”

O: Obstacles can become stepping stones!

P: Passion is the key to success!

Q: Question everything. If you aren’t questioning it who will?

R: Receive your goal as if it already have it.

S: Stand up straight, chest out!

T: Treat your self. Spend time to focus on you.

U: Understand your past is not who are today!

V: Visualize you end goal and relish in it!

W: Welcome positivity, say good bye to negativity. Why be negative? When being positive is so much better!

X: Exam yourself. Be self aware of your emotions and actions

Y: You are an amazing person full of unlimited potential, Believe it!

Z: Zen out! Mediation and contemplation are keys to rebuilding and learning.

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