10 Tips for Black Friday Shopping

Having worked retail myself for several years here are some tips for Black Friday Shopping.

  1. If you already have an idea of what you are getting make a list in October and watch as some of those items go on sale nab it before Black Friday and save time and money.
  2. Sometimes the price advertised isn’t what the best deal is for it. For example one year I noticed that price for the TV I wanted, went on sale in February. That price was better than the actual Black Friday sale.
  3. Find a store you know will have what you need in one go.
  4. Send out scouts to stand in line at other stores. No really. Saves you time. When they have the item you meet them, buy and go.
  5. Ads come out for black Friday sales normally on thanksgiving. Sometimes sooner if you ask the retail store you are wanting to shop at. A lot of the time they can give you an Ad. It’s always good to ask.
  6. If you hate the crowds, shop online! There is cyber Monday too. Great deals on electronics. And with Amazon Prime, two day shipping it’s makes it worth it! Saves time and money!
  7. Get there early for doorbuster deals. Example goodie bags, free stuff when buying an item. Don’t miss out on your free stuff!
  8. Expect to be in line for an hour and half. Be mindful of others while in line and heck sing a carol or three while waiting. This helps pass the time with ease.
  9. Be careful on the road. There are a lot of people out there exhausted and there are more out and about than normal.
  10. Drink coffee! Enough said!

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