My Family Thanksgiving

Being Filipino, my family has mixed the traditional thanksgiving feast with Filipino delicacies. We have, yes, a turkey, but we also have ham, chicken and seafood too. Grandma makes her famous pot roast. My aunt makes flan. My uncle one year brought over Kentucky fried chicken.  My mom makes egg rolls and pansit- a stir fry dish with beef, pork or chicken, rice noodles and vegetables. Yams with marshmallow are a must and so is corn on the cob. Cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes are too. Basically we have tons of different kinds of food for any pallet.

One of my favorites in grandma’s pot roast she makes this during Thanksgiving and Christmas basically a holiday meal on in itself. Its made with beef or ox tail (a very rich meat when cooked properly) topped with carrots, celery, onions, garlic and potatoes. Warms my tummy and fill my heart with good feels. Another favorite dish is of course the traditional corn on the cob. My grandma and grandpa would harvest them, freeze them and we would have them for thanksgiving with butter, salt and pepper. One year I couldn’t eat corn on the cob because of my braces and my grandma shredded off the cob. It wasn’t the same at all. My favorite desert is flan. For me it tops everything off. And if I want another sweet desert grandpas rice cakes always did the trick. His rice cakes are made with sweet rice and brown sugar.  We then settle in a watch the football game, nap, play fun card and board games then end the night with a fun family movie. Of course not without nibbling on finger food through out the time.

What are some of the fun things you and your family do during thanksgiving? Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for joining me on my blogging journey!

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