What to do when NaNoWriMo is done

What to do with you nanowrimo novel?

Finish the story: tie up any loose ends, if its gonna take another 50k rest for now and pick it up later!

Take a break: You deserve it! Give those tired hands a break. Give you brain a break from all that creativity. It’s an awesome achievement, put it away for a few months. Plan for your next project, write a blog, go live life!

Edit it: After you take a break, a month long or year long. Edit you novel. Save your original draft as a separate file and copy paste into a new document. Use different colors for the added sections or parts you edited and revised.

Share it: a excerpt or chapter with your fans. See what they think, and get their honest opinion. Take or leave their opinion but its good to get feedback.

Revise and edit more than twice: Never know you could have missed something.

Read and reread it: Out loud for the most affect. It will help you find other grammatical errors you missed.

Publish it: old fashion way or self publishing either way but make copies of it to share.

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