Unwavering Confidence

For me confidence comes in time from learning things to the very last detail and able to recite your actions inside and out, forward and back. And then I did this Law of Attraction exercise and wow I was totally blown away. Confidence doesn’t just come in time it’s in you. I honestly felt really excited that I could take one the world. Here’s the exercise and my take aways:

  1. Write down 3-5 things you accomplished that really made you feel amazing. For each write how you felt what was accomplished and the steps you took to get feeling great! This seemed hard for me at first. I only thought of two then I remembered really you can go back to when you were younger what I had accomplished then. Started a business, Achieved 2nd degree black belt, and wrote a novel.
  2. Write down 3 things you want to happen. For each really visualize that is you want and write down as if you already accomplished those goals. Write down your feelings. Really take it all in. Gosh there were so many things I wanted to happen and I narrowed it down to three. Master my emotions, become a millionaire before I’m 35 and travel the world.
  3. Walk around the room head up and chest out, as if you can’t be shaken. You are confident being, be that! Think of all the things you accomplish. It’s feels silly but it really provides you with perspective in how you feel when you are confidence. Make gestures and say thing in a confident manner. Assertive, passionate etc! Really go for it! Yea i did feel super silly. But after a while if got used to walking and talking confidently. It was difficult to switch back to sad or uncertain.
  4. Practice snapping your body language into feeling scared to feeling confident. For 10 minutes everyday. Trust me this helps. It’s easier to change your mental state with practice. Practicing does help I do this one the way to work. I kinda look like a crazy person practicing, I know it will help me in the long run. 
  5. Change your belief system by changing your results. Basically if you can change your beliefs from “I can’t” to I can. From “there is no way” to “there are so many other possibilities”. You will literally change your results rapidly. And the more actions you put into what you want to accomplish the better the out come. Tony Robbins definitely goes in depth in this one. check out his lesson: How to be more Confident.  He really put it in perspective. I saw this process as a circle not as a linear. It all comes back around.
  6. Finally even when you are brand new to a task, with enough changing mental state you can be confident on the fly. Your performance increase and you feel good.

Crazy to think I was before lacking in confidence, sure before I learned about the Law of Attraction and The Secret I really didn’t know how to even begin but this really did help. I challenge you to try it. 10 minutes every day changing your state. What is your body language when you are scared or unsure? What is your body language when you are confident and feeling good? Practice, practice, practice! Who know what you can accomplish when you are confident?! Lets’ go!

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