Types of Present Wrappers

It’s that time of year where we exchange the most gift the most. The holiday season and more specifically Christmas! Every child is looking forward to seeing a bunch of presents under the Christmas Tree and opening them. This is my hats of to all those present wrappers out there. Those you really take the time to make this day a special one for all. The ones who need that specific time, music and tools to make there present look the best.

-The Fancy Gift Wrapper: This present wrapper is intense. They have the right holiday music play. The tools they have assembled to make your present the best under the Christmas tree. They have the right wrapping paper, ribbon, bow, tape and scissors. Oh and everything matches. This present wrapper is so precise, no wrapping paper is wasted. The seam of the wrapping paper matches up perfectly the way around. No tape marks, no uneven cuts on the wrapping paper, no fuss. Yes, this present wrapper is a perfectionist but it has to be the best looking present under the tree. You don’t know whether to open it first, display it or take a picture of it.

-The Bag Wrapper: Not as intense as the Fancy Gift wrapper but does need to find the right bag for your present. They are not as much of a perfectionist but do need to find the right tissue paper to match the design and colors of the bag. They may or may not use ribbons or bows but they their gifts are well received. These present wrappers entices whoever receives their gift to dig right in.

-The Taper: Have you ever received a present from over seas or across the country from a family member or friend? My great grandmother was notorious for sending her gifts not only double wrapped but with enough tape to stick someone to the wall with. Yes, this present wrapper is not stingy with the tape. They want to make sure that your present is secure and that nothing damages and rips your present. A knife comes in handy when opening this kind of present.

-The Last Minute Wrapper: Last minute no problem! This present wrapper has you covered. They may or may not have wrapped your present in a paper bag, plastic bag from the local grocery store or from the comic section from the local news paper. Funny thing is that this present could be the best of them all. It’s not the appearance that matters but the heart that gives you that present.

I have to admit I am one or more of these types of present wrappers. What kind of present wrapper are you? Do you know someone who is one of these kind of present wrappers? Share, like and comment! Happy Holidays!

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