7 Ways to Simplify Your Life

This took me awhile to really come up with. How would I like to simplify my life? I knew I wanted to eliminate things that upset me or made me feel sad, angry or upset. Basically by eliminating these negative feelings I was able to really feel good about myself, what I subjected myself to and become even more passionate about what I wanted to do.  Here are seven ways I have simplified my life.

1) Unclutter and Organize: Get rid of, sell or donate things you no longer use, find joy in, or simply don’t need.

2) Clean up your social media: Unfollow/unfriend people you hardly know, don’t care for, or have too much drama posted on their page. If you don’t want to see it, block it, simple.

3) Listen to things you enjoy: Eliminate music you don’t like, or radio stations you do care for

4) Watch things you enjoy: Eliminate TV shows you don’t like or care for, and watch less news. If it’s bad, trust me you will know about it. Someone is bound to post about it or tell you about it.

5) Go do things you enjoy: Take some time for yourself and or with friends and family and go out and do fun things. Fish, hike, camp, run, paint, write, take pictures, go see a play or movie, visit somewhere that brings you joy.

6) Explore: There are so many things to experience and try. Change is good! Nothing gained if you haven’t tried it!

7) Keep a journal or planner: This helps you organize your thoughts, day to day activities and you can always look back to see what you have experienced. Also to share with other what you learned!

What is something you are doing to simplify your life? What are your struggles with this? Share, lets brain storm together!

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