Writing Prompt 1 Week

A prompt written from my future self, if for some odd reason I go missing. This prompt is from 642 Tiny Things to Write About by The San Francisco Writers’ Grotto. This book I got from my cousin as a Christmas gift, has some awesome prompts and great way to pass the time!

Week 1 Writing Prompt:

You wake up one morning to find your face plastered all over town in a “missing” poster. Who posted it? Where were you last seen? What were you wearing?


“Please contact family member and friends?” I read out loud. The writing on the bottom of the poster was smudged and couldn’t read the name at the bottom of the missing person’s poster. “Last seen at her home, wearing sweats and a hoodie.” Well that’s me. I thought. I’m here. I was standing out side of my favorite coffee stand in town. The picture they had of me was what I thought from a few days ago. I wore a purple hoodie, jeans and tee shirt. Yup the usual attire for just running around or hanging out at home. I thought Time seemed to have passed because glancing at my hands they looked and felt much older. This is the place I was seen last perhaps someone would know if I was here. I enter the coffee shop and didn’t recognize the person behind the counter. She must be one of the new baristas who just started. I meander up to the front counter. “Hi, ” I glance at her name tag. “Cherie, I have seemed to loose track of time. Was I here earlier today or yesterday? I am trying to retrace my steps I seem to have lost some- time- thing. Something.” She eyed me up and down and then turned to the poster then back to me. She squinted her eyes at me examining me from head to toe without even moving her head.

“You don’t happen to be that girl up there on the poster do you? If so, you’ve been missing for a few years. Where have you been?” I scramble through my memories trying to figure out where I have been. Where have I not been is a better question.

“I have been everywhere. Let me tell you about it.”

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