What’s in My Bag?

As a writer there are somethings I must have in my bag. Here’s a list.

  • Wallet: Very important to have!
  • Chapstick
  • Tic-tacs: Always preparing to speak to people gotta make sure my breath is minty fresh!
  • Pens: Yes multiple, a purple, black and blue pen. One for editing, one to sign things and  the other to journal with. Sometimes I have a highlight or a Sharpie to!
  • Notebook: small, medium or large notebook to jot ideas down
  • Keys: Very important to have! Need this to go places!
  • Head phones: a must when jotting down ideas or journalist, gotta listen to music when writing, it helps create the mood.
  • USB: Yes I keep one just in case never know, i have a copy of my books on here. If i have access to a computer i can always add documents or articles I find interesting.
  • Business cards: a must, when introducing myself and meeting new networking friends.
  • Latest book I’m reading if it’s not on my kindle app on my phone
  • Charging cable

This was fun, I had a lot of receipts to get rid off, but nothing like the present to organize and start a new. What do you keep in your bag? Why?

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