Writing Prompt Week 2

This was a fun little prompt. Created a cute little character giving advice to an apprentice about living on clouds.

This prompt is from 642 Tiny Things to Write About by The San Francisco Writers’ Grotto. This book I got from my cousin as a Christmas gift, has some awesome prompts and great way to pass the time!


You live in a cloud. Give three tips of how not to fall.


Howdy, I’m Henry Shoo-nibus. Well I have been living on clouds for quite sometime, you see. It’s a treat getting to see all the humans living life on earth and seeing the beauty in it all. More of ya need to look up and see the beauty of this sky though. Hence why I live up here. Some tips I can say for not falling off these things. Number 1: Always watch where you step, if there is a slightly see through part in the cloud or foggy screen, don’t walk on it, jump over it! Number 2: Always keep your head up, don’t worry about falling if you keep your head up. And number 3: If you do fall bounce! You can bounce up from the bottom cloud and keep on going!


If you liked this prompt response- like, share comment down below! Oh and what advice would you give if you lived on a cloud?

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