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A Little About Me:
Hi, I’m TJ Banski! Born in the Pacific Northwest with a beautiful view of Mount Rainier. I enjoy writing, music and art. I first began writing at a young age and well haven’t stopped. During a summer night in 2013, I had a dream of a secret world that was right under our noses. All from third person perspective I watched as a confused blond haired young man came faced to face with a creature one could only imagine in fairy tales or legends. The creature emerged from a brown hair young man only after being exposed through a sphere like chamber created from a device that tainted the known reality. Yet no one else could see what was happening. There in the middle of the sphere like chamber was a young woman with glowing eyes and wielding a force sword confronting the creature. I woke excitedly and immediately wrote down all the details I could about this dream. After encouragement from friends and family and a time crunch event during the month of November, known as National Write a Novel Month that I made this scene become it’s own creature of a book. I soon made it into the series of books soon to be. Outlining in progress.
The wielders book series in retrospect is what I call a mix of Avatar: the Last Air Bender meets The Mortal Instrument Series. A light vs dark, a discovery of one’s true potential and a love that transcends time are the radiating themes through out the series. The first novel takes place in pacific northwest in and around my home town Olympia. Many different places I have visited are places my characters have either met or encounter creatures from beyond.

What is Patreon? This website is dedicated to having artists show case their work and get the support they need to continue the work Patreons like you enjoy! With each pledge, supporters can gain access to different tiers rewards, such as the first chapter to book 1!
Why Patreon you ask? In the recent years I have dedicated only a few moments to my novel series, long nights, weeks but it still wasn’t enough. It became difficult to find a balance and I had to tuck my novel away. With Patreon I can do the necessary research to travel to the places I have written about, write more content with connections I make with fans, experiences I have and hire a graphics designer to help market my book. I wanted to write this series to bring a little more fantasy to everyday life. Fantasy books such as Harry Potter Series, Immortal Instrument Series, and the Dresden Files have really helped me escape from reality even if for a little while and sometimes come back with a different perspective. The authors of these series have really inspired me to continue writing. My hope is to inspire young writers to keep writing and follow their dreams. Let’s go!

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