What did I do before the internet?

Looking back I didn’t realize how thankful I am to have the internet now. The internet has made things so much simpler and with a Google or Bing search away I can find the information I need and be on my way. Even when the power goes out my brain freaks out because I have to catch up on my weekly blogs from my favorite bloggers or you tube vlogs. I wouldn’t be able to talk to my family members from different parts of the country.
Before the internet, for book reports and research projects I went to library. Asked my librarian where to find the books on the topic I was looking for and checked the books out. I then went home and took notes on what I read and if I quoted the material,  gave citations and credit to the resource. It was pretty tedious to find the information at times because sometimes it wasn’t in the library and I would have to wait a week or more to get the book in needed and the information may not be as up to date as now, because of the publication dates. When it came to searching for a family members house or friends house, or place of business, I had to get directions or use poorly drawn map. Now these directions consisted of landmarks, street names and “go east” or “travel until you can’t see the big oak tree anymore.” Before the internet, if I had symptoms of a health issue there were home remedies my mom would have me take or do to help me to  get better fast. Thankfully there was a book for that. To find out what my friends or family was up to, I would write them letters or call on the phone and talk for hours. My best friends and I would pass notes in class and try not to get caught by the teacher for distracting class.
What would we do with out it? It’s been such a tool for research and discovery, a source of entertainment and a gateway to other parts of the world. How crazy would you go with out having access to the internet?

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