Workshop: Marketing Yourself

The other day I attended a great Work Source workshop on how to market yourself to get the right job. This was lead by a great gentleman named “Moose” who had served twenty plus years in the Marines. This workshop started out by helping veterans find the right verbiage when applying for jobs instead of using military lingo. Now the right job is a kind of vague term, because really it’s finding the job that highlights your skill sets. Once you have determined that, then you create a master resume on skills that relate to a particular job.  During this workshop, we went over things like, getting the right verbiage on your resume to match what employers are looking for, different types of resumes, what to do and not to do on a resume, and cover letters. By looking the job description, you word your resume in such a way that meets the qualifications- if you meet them of course. Many State and Federal even private business use a sweeper type program to search for particular key words for their ideal candidate so it is important to have those key terms on your resume. A great web site to find the job description of any given job is So instead of “get to the objective and disarm”, you change it to civilian terms and say “public relations”. (Not a great example but you get the jest.) A great place to help you format resume- again this depends on the hiring manager and how they would like it formatted- is: If you are not sure what resume format to use schedule a informational interview with an employer you would like to work for, and go from there. Most of the time the resume type is found in the job description or on the actual job application.  He gave examples of great resumes and challenged resumes. Showing his as a great resume and other funny examples for the challenged ones. He also gave us a run down of different types of resume: chronological, skill set, experience based and a combination of all types. I didn’t know there was a web site that gave specific job descriptions and what they entailed. I also didn’t know that there was more than one type of resume. While in high school my teachers had taught us one way which was a chronological resume. One of my favorite things he said was “Plagiarize. There is only so many ways you can say ‘I can answer a phone’.” I winced at the word plagiarize but really if the employer is looking for the right verbiage than you got to use it the way they want it. So coming up with a master resume by listing all the experience I came up with about 5 pages. I then can tailor all of my experience and focus it to a specific job I am looking for which will catch an eye of an employer. The gentleman teaching the class will apply for jobs and get interviews no problem with using a skill set and experience resume- listing your skills or qualification highlights at the top and experience on the next few dozen lines. I enjoyed the workshop and learned quiet a bit. I would highly recommend it to those who are in search of a new career or need some way to spice up their resume.


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