Single Activities on Valentine’s Day

Being single can be a very unnerving especially during holidays and especially during valentines day. It is the day of love. And well if you don’t have a special someone it can feel ever soo lonely. Reminder though you are never really alone. Friends and family are great people to be around during this day. And of course doing things you love giving you a day for some tender love and care! Here are some things you can do during this day.

Girls and guys get together with your friends and have a girls or guys day.

  • Do makeovers
  • Photo shoots
  • Bake cookies
  • Make a homemade crafts together
  • Play video games
  • Go out and play pool
  • Mini golf
  • Go Carting
  • Hit up the trampoline park or
  • Go traveling to a new place
  • Wine tasting
  • Take a paint, welding, knife carving or pottery class
  • Play some ultimate Frisbee or football.

But do something that will get you moving and or creating something. Something active to take your mind off of being single and enjoying time with people you care about. Your friends and family!

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