2019 Review

2019 Review

Growth comes to mind when I think about this year. Growth in my personal life, growth in my blog fans and growth in knowledge. For any time there was a valley I felt there was great growth from it. Using the tools I learned in self-help podcasts and books I feel better about the valleys I went through and learned great ways to cope.

This year for me personally has a great deal of growth. Learning to live in the moment and be present to any and all situations. Responding, not just reacting and being thoughtful in my responses. I had a rough few months at the beginning of this year dealing with loss, sadness, and anxiety. I learned it was alright to take some time for me to sort through it all. Towards mid-year, it definitely got better and things have spun around. I have a career shift and time management will be needed more to make sure I am balanced. Quite the journey and so much more to learn. I can’t thank my mentor, family and friends enough for their support and love. I feel next year is going to be a great year! Here’s to the New year!

3 Top Posts of the Year:

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Top Quote of the Year:

From Quick Quote of the Week- 29

“Tomorrow! It is a mysterious possibility, not yet born. It lies under the seal of midnight-behind the veil of glittering constellations.”

Edwin Hubbell Chapin, 19th century American Preacher

Biggest Fan of the Year:

Christopher From Milford Street Photography blog – Thank you for your likes and comments! I appreciate your time in checking out my work. I absolutely enjoy your content as well!

If you haven’t checked out Christopher’s work. He has some great photographs and posts! https://milfordstreet.wordpress.com/

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Thank you for coming with me on this journey of growth and adventure with me!

Keep kicking and smiling! – TJ Banski

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