Taste of Tacoma

Taste of Tacoma

The Taste of Tacoma started in 1982. Started with a few local vendors at first and now has huge sections of food, product vendors, beverages, fair rides and more!

I had never gone as many years I have lived in Washington and felt the need to experience this grand event. Getting there was not the issue but the parking. The streets, side roads, and alleyways were filled with different vehicles. We parked a few blocks away. Not too long of a walk and we entered the event area! The smells of the different foods filled my nostrils and I wanted to try everything! Of course, there are only certain things I could have- because I eat gluten-free. An allergy to the best kinds of food- I know it’s a horrible reality but still so much try! Over the course of a few hours, we engorged on some great gluten-free options from different vendors. I even got a henna tattoo! We enjoyed the music too that played. Two different stages with great music and dancing! Too fun! If you are ever in town during the event of Taste of Tacoma you gotta check it out! So much good food and good times! Definite must bring- cash, a throw blanket, friends and an appetite!

Get the tasting package where you get tokens to try different foods from the variety of different vendors. Check out their website for more information!

And don’t forget to try the nitro pastries for me!

What is your favorite fair food?

Keep kicking and smiling! – TJ Banski


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