Learning but Never Doing

Learning but Never Doing

“Be like a sponge that soaks up water.” My grandpa said in relation to learning. Learn as much as you can. Information is power. I feel when learning before I learned because it was interesting and I would learn a lot and sometimes more details than I needed to. When it came to biology I enjoyed learning about animals. I learned about my most favorite animal the elephant. When it comes to learning a new skill or topic I could possibly make money doing, I wanted to learn by doing. At one point I learned so much about one topic I scared my self into not doing it because of all the risks. I held myself back. Some things I learned:

Learning is new skills is fun and required for a better life:

Learning has always been fun for me. Even hard lessons have a way to make the situation or experience a little lighter. I have been teaching myself about how to blog for over two years now and it still surprises me of the other skills needed to make a successful blog. I think that is why I continue to learn and want to learn it’s uncovering new, a treasure of information.

Learning alone doesn’t produce results:


As much as hate to admit I soon learned that learning about blogging or other skills didn’t reach the results I wanted. I had to apply what I learned immediately or gather enough information to move on to the next phase. In my mind, I pictured every experience and everything I learned coming together to form a path that leads to my desired outcome. The how will come, just focus on the end goal!

Learning enough to get started:


I learned enough to get started, discovering what I wanted to write about and who I wanted to reach were the big thing to think about when I began this blog. The rest I had to learn what the niche really was and what kind of content would tailor toward the niche or audience. I felt I held myself back for the longest time because I didn’t know these few things at first. I feel now that I have a hang of blogging and other skills now I can continue learning the apply what I knew to other projects.

What are you learning about right now?

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