Repost: 4 Things a Person Needs in Life

Repost: 4 Things a Person Needs in Life

A year ago I stumbled upon this Tony Robins lesson tape a while ago and wow, for me it was a game-changer. Sure, I knew I was missing something or not getting the most out of life so I took this list into my own hands. I did some self-reflection. I didn’t realize I really weighed heavily on Certainty and significance in jobs, relationships, and hobbies. Growth was another big one. Without these three I felt that whatever it was I was examining wasn’t worth pursuing. I’m learning that it’s okay if certain things only meet a three out of four things. That just means I need to improve upon it. Like everyone else, I know I am not perfect and I know I am always learning.

Progress equals happiness.

-Tony Robbins

The 4 Fundamental Needs

People need these four things to really be stable in whatever they pursue, a new career, a relationship, or a hobby. It’s important to look at each. For me, I created a ven diagram. Putting each of my hobbies, relationships, and current jobs into lists and then figuring out what covered most or all these basic needs. I then came up with a plan to improve upon these and set it as a priority to work on these a little every day.


Certainty– A daily routine, knowing that funds will be coming in, planning out what is next and sticking to it. Basically knowing what will happen. What is your daily routine? Do you have a plan? Do you have a plan B? Are you all in?


Variety– adding a new venture or event to the day to make it fun and exciting, or new task or habit. I had to keep things interesting by adding a little spice to my life. I changed up a routine, have something fun planned for one- three days out the week, and/ or do something spontaneous. What are you doing to make things fun?


Significance– feeling you are important and mean something in the relationship or job you are in, that the venture you are pursuing is something you are passionate about, it means more to you than anything. Is this something you are wanting to do? How does this event, job or person make you feel?


Connection/love – feeling needed, wanted, or desired. these three feelings are important. Feeling a connection with the work you do, the people you meet and hobbies. Are you feeling needed, wanted or desired? How can you make more of a connection?

The 2 Freedoms: Bonus!

These are icings on the cake. If you don’t have these two as well as the previous four, its time to take a good hard look into what you really want and how to go about it.


Contribution: I find that when I contribute or give back to what I learned I feel connected and more passionate about my work, relationships, and hobbies. Which then makes me feel good and I want to continue contributing. How and what you are contributing to your cause, job, relationship? What are you contributing to the job or career you are venturing or relationship? Your wit, good looks, skills, intelligence, passion, courage, encouragement, or time?


Growth: This is important! Learning is an everyday occurrence for me, I learn something new every day. Now, mastering a skill takes time. I am currently learning Spanish and I feel I make a little more progress every day. Are you growing personally, business, financially, or career-wise? Are you learning something new? Are you bettering yourself? Taking steps upward to the next level?

All to me are important but I think Growth is most important. If you are not feeling like you are going somewhere you may need to consider your skills and go from there. Whether it’s improving the ones you have or gaining skill you don’t have to be more successful. Which of the 6 needs is most important? Why?

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Keep kicking and smiling! – TJ Banski

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  1. I could relate with Tony Robbins quote saying, progress equals happiness! Once heavily influenced by the prevailing philosophies of the 1960s, when reaching Nirvana was such a big deal, I looked inside myself with every possible means to find happiness, yet finally realized that it is actually a by-product of our efforts. A completely different mindset!

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