A Valentine’s Day Poem

A Valentine’s Day Poem

I wrote this poem late one night, thinking of someone special. I didn’t know what this poem would turn into. When inspiration strikes in the middle of the night you gotta go for it. To you and your special loved ones- Happy Valentine’s Day!

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That throbbing in your chest,

one where you cant hear anything else,

Yeah that one

That’s all I feel when you’re around

Something I can’t explain,

I laugh, I smile, I feel light

I stay up all night

Something I can’t formulate

To put into words

Or pictures

I’m goofy, I’m silly, I’m funny

When you’re around

I’m me

With other people

I hide behind a mask of contentment

When your around you reveal the flaws

Sometimes it’s whats needed to lift

This heavy heart.

I don’t have to hide

When you’re around.

There is comfort in your arms

Providing a safe place

To reveal all the masks of me.

In your eyes I see no judgment

All I see is truth, honestly, trust and warmth

In hopes I do the same for you

With you I feel unbeatable

Nothing can come against me

asI face my trials and tribulations

I know you will always be there.

Let me be there for you.

You have always been the rock

Let me be yours

Lets help eachother up

As we face on the world together

TJ Banski

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I hope you all enjoyed this post!

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Keep kicking and smiling! – TJ Banski

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