A Writers Initiation

A Writers Initiation

Every morning I wake up early and make myself a cup of tea. I recently got an electric tea kettle that makes boiling water in about 4 minutes. Letting the water warm-up I do some organizing around the kitchen. I brainstorm ideas for future posts and stories to share on my blog. Outlining and organizing thoughts in my head I pour the hot water into my favorite mug and sniff the earl grey goodness. Since I can’t have coffee anymore due to having a minor allergy to it. Gluten- ugh. More on that later. Earl Grey has helped sedate my caffeine craving. I pour some creamer and stir.

I head to my home office and sit down ready to write a new piece of work. Getting comfortable, Ziva, my kitty, blocks the computer screen as I open applications and web browsers for research. I stretch and get to work. About fifteen minutes in, the lure of thirst lingers in my mouth and I write out another sentence or two before pausing. I look out my window and grab my cup of tea.

Outside it’s another beautiful day, no clouds to be found. I take a sip of tea. It was cool? My neurological pathways kicked into overdrive. I catch in the corner of my eye the cup I made the hot tea in. And ACK!!! I look down at my displeasure to find that I had grabbed an older cup of tea from the previous day STILL HALF FULLl! Bewildered at my own dismay, I spit up the day-old tea, I barked out a laugh. “Its official,” I mused to myself.  “Multiple cups on my desk. It’s a sign. I’m a writer.”


What other signs show that you too are a writer?

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Keep Kicking and smiling! -TJ Banski

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