Hiya! Indeed! Yes, I wrote a book! Sending out book proposal letters in progress. Learn more by clicking on the links below! Enjoy!- TJ Banski

The Hows and Why?


Book 1 Amnesia: Summary

The Hook:

Reaching over to his wallet, he pulled out the scrap of paper. The ink had discolored. I will be waiting. He hadn’t looked at the paper in a while, but it seemed to be the only thing that can help him sleep. He didn’t want the letters to fade, so he put it away and closed his eyes. Something about this mission felt off. He had never seen Drake so outraged. Who was the “she” he didn’t want to talk about? (Banski 42)

Book 1 Music Playlist: (More to come)

Book 1 Amnesia: Chapter 1


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