What to do when NaNoWriMo is done

What to do with you nanowrimo novel? Finish the story: tie up any loose ends, if its gonna take another 50k rest for now and pick it up later! Take a break: You deserve it! Give those tired hands a break. Give you brain a break from all that creativity. It's an awesome achievement, put... Continue Reading →

Hey TJ Banski here! Day 18 of nanowrimo! Working on my second novel. Second one of the series I've been working on. Seriously, this event really helps get your thoughts our on paper. Time crunch time! Lets go!! 

NANOWRIMO Tips of the Trade

During the month of November, NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month is a great event where you can write 50,000 word novel in a 30 days. The first time I did this I while training at  as a shift supervisor at Starbucks. For me it was totally worth it. I tested and challenged myself during... Continue Reading →

The How and Why?

During a summer night in 2013, I had a dream of a secret world right under our noses. All from third person perspective I watched as a confused blond haired young man came faced to face with a creature one could only imagine in fairy tales or legends. The creature emerged from a brown hair... Continue Reading →

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