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Little bit on everything

Day 1: Cold Shower Challenge

Hey there! TJ Banski here! I was challenged by my friend to do the 30 day Cold Shower Challenge below is my video. Day 1! 29 days to go! I’ll…

8 Ways to Change Your Mood

With the weather changing it can be difficult to keep a positive mindset. Those who suffer from SAD, Seasonal Affected Disorder have, depression symptoms and lack of vitamin D during…

My Good Morning Routine

A Good Morning routine: it’s consistent, with slight variations but the main parts stay the same: Lemon water, Meditation, work out, listen to fun music and eat breakfast! My day…

A Little About Me

Hey guys, TJ Banski here! Coming at you from the Pacific Northwest! Going on adventures, eating good food, fitness and writing are my passions, so I figured why not blog about it and share my adventures. Life is amazing! Let’s go!

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