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10 More Things to do While in Quarantine

Living in the pacific northwest, as of 11/11/2020 cases have grown to 126,000 and 2600 deaths Covid and non-Covid related. That is a lot of people out of work and home with their families. What is there is to do?

Exciting Announcement!

I’m one of the New Ambassador for Ferocious Gem! Ferocious Gem is a jewelry and natural skin and beauty care product line founded by Debbie Haggin. Founded in 2016, Debbie…

Donating on My Birthday

Golly another year older, wiser and feeling pretty good. I learned a lot this year about myself, blogging, and life in general. A wicked, fantastic year. This year for my birthday I am donating to the American Cancer Society.

Special Announcement!

Hiya! I’ll be hosting a 30 Minute Q&A via Facebook Live Video Stream! Tune in Tuesday, December 11th 12pm Pacific time! Have your questions ready! A literal ask me anything…

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