Word Count 45433

Less than 4000 words left to write towards my 2nd Nanowrimo novel! My kitty Saber, didn't want me to write today. She eventually moved but was very insistant I stop to pay attention to her! Hehe 

Hey TJ Banski here! Day 18 of nanowrimo! Working on my second novel. Second one of the series I've been working on. Seriously, this event really helps get your thoughts our on paper. Time crunch time! Lets go!! 

The How and Why?

During a summer night in 2013, I had a dream of a secret world right under our noses. All from third person perspective I watched as a confused blond haired young man came faced to face with a creature one could only imagine in fairy tales or legends. The creature emerged from a brown hair... Continue Reading →

Week 4ish

Hey TJ Banski Here! Just living' life and taking a lot of pictures! I think I am getting a hang of this blogging thing. Creating a stride, setting aside time to write and schedule to keep on posting regularly even if it's once or twice a week. Would love you hear for you! My audience!... Continue Reading →

Week 3

Slightly past the week 3, it's been a hard several days not only for my family but me. My grandpa passed away. Words can't express how difficult a loss of a family member is especially when it's someone you are close too. My grandpa was like a father figure to me. He taught me a... Continue Reading →

Week 2

Hey Week 2 update coming at you from TJ Banski! Successfully learning more about marketing and tailoring to an audience. One Big question I ask my self: Who do I want my audience to be? Anyone wanting to learn more and share their success stories. That is a broad range but I suppose it's one... Continue Reading →

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