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What’s new in the mind palace of TJ Banski

Day 15 of 30 Cold Shower Challenge

Attention: Loud Audio! I made it 15 days so far! Singing in the shower! 30 Day Cold Shower Challenge!


30000 down 20000 to go! 

Hey TJ Banski here! Day 18 of nanowrimo! Working on my second novel. Second one of the series I’ve been working on. Seriously, this event really helps get your thoughts…

Week 3

Slightly past the week 3, it’s been a hard several days not only for my family but me. My grandpa passed away. Words can’t express how difficult a loss of…

Week 1

Hey there TJ Banski here! Blog site is just undergoing it’s final finishing touches. So excited! Come check out the progress! And kudos to the first 40 views on the…

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