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What’s new in the mind palace of TJ Banski

Week 4ish

Hey TJ Banski Here! Just living’ life and taking a lot of pictures! I think I am getting a hang of this blogging thing. Creating a stride, setting aside time…

Week 3

Slightly past the week 3, it’s been a hard several days not only for my family but me. My grandpa passed away. Words can’t express how difficult a loss of…

Week 1

Hey there TJ Banski here! Blog site is just undergoing it’s final finishing touches. So excited! Come check out the progress! And kudos to the first 40 views on the…

A Little About Me

Hey guys, TJ Banski here! Coming at you from the Pacific Northwest! Going on adventures, eating good food, fitness and writing are my passions, so I figured why not blog about it and share my adventures. Life is amazing! Let’s go!

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