Clean off Your Desk Day

Clean off Your Desk Day

Yesterday was international “Clean off your desk day!” And wow do I need to clean up. My desk got a little ransacked during the festivities and needing to go through some things before using new things. Just to be clear I love office supplies. The fancy pens, planners and ways to organize files and paper work is therapeutic for me. Its my other love aside from writing and rice. Hehe! My desk is pretty messy right now and I know that if I don’t get to clearing it off it can get overwhelming.  To really have an awesome work desk or office space here are thing I keep/use to keep me organized.

A planner– a must when life is hectic and you need to plan out the next event or project. For me writing things down stick a lot better then putting into a digital calendar.

Note pads and sticky notes: I use a lot. Reminders of what is needed to be completed or done. I also use a digital note pad as well for my writing incase I’m on the go and don’t have my notebook for any reason.

Pen holder: I keep my favorite pens and some highlighter in it. Again, if something important comes up I can jot it down and highlight it if it’s important then put it into my calendar.

Headphones: I can put on some tunes and really focus on what I am working on. Blocks out other distractions and lets my peers know I’m working on something that may take time.

Tidy up my desktop computer: I organize my digital files by date and topic. Super helpful. I also use key words in the tags so I can find the file easily.

Organize my emails: I create folders in my inbox for the various projects I’m working on. Color coded for the state of urgency I need to complete the task or project at.

What are the things you gotta have on your desk?

Keep kicking and smiling! –TJ Banski

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