10 Tips for College Students

10 Tips for College Students

I wish I knew these tips going into college. College is a new experience and a new chapter for everyone. Where your current beliefs, values, and intelligence will be tested and grow into something better.

These tips can apply to those entering graduate school too but mainly for those undergraduates attending for the first time.

  1. When it comes to picking out a college to attend, check out everything about it. The type of majors, minors, activities, clubs, extracurricular activities on and off the campus. See they if they match your current believes, values and motto. It is always good to do research beforehand to see if the school you are applying for meets your standards of what you want out of your college experience.
  2. If you have any close family or friends remember to stay in touch. When traveling abroad or going to a college out of state it can be hard to see your loved ones. Now with video chat, you can and don’t be a stranger to call when you are feeling homesick.
  3. Create a budget for your self. It’s easy to blow through money but if you need funds for an emergency its nice to have a little money stashed away just in case.
  4. A hard lesson to learn- your folks may not always be there to bail you out. This was a hard truth for me to learn. The college experience gives me a gentler way to face that hard reality of “your parent isn’t always going to do your laundry.” There will be somethings that you will have to learn to do one your own. Be your own person and take care of the things you need to accomplish. Even if it’s at two in the morning doing chores and a midterm paper.
  5. Learn to make quick and easy meals. this tip has been a lifesaver I learned the majority of my cooking skills and different meals a few years into high school. Baking chicken, make spaghetti sauce and other dishes made it an easier transition when I had to make it on my own.
  6. Avoid roommate drama- In college, I had a great roommate. We got along great. We kept our lines of communication open. If she had friends over in the room she’d text me beforehand and vice versa. We were pretty considerate to make sure we respected each other’s boundaries. Some of my friends weren’t so lucky and would come to complain about how their roommate was never considerate. “Are you being considerate of them?” was always my question back to them. And I never got a straight answer from them. It goes both ways. Treat those around how you want to be treated. That’s it.
  7. Take up opportunities to study at another campus or study abroad. If and when these opportunities arise- leap for them. Those experience I find the most fun, rewarding and beneficial.
  8. Consider your options. Going out to a party or staying in to study for that exam tomorrow? The choice is yours. Sometimes its a balance of both study for two hours and join the party later. Balancing time with friends, school and work-life became a little challenging but it’s doable.
  9. Have a free period- take up a part-time or volunteer job. At this point the college experience it’s complete without doing this. Whether it’s getting some extra income for date night or helping out your community at an event both are great times to interact and meet new people who can teach you other life skills.
  10. Make time for you. Sunday or Thursday evening was days where I had a few hours to myself call family, get chores done, go for a run, meditate, or catch up on some tv shows I missed. I took a day or those few hours to get things I wanted to do done. It’s important even with the hectic schedule I had to make time for me.

Again I wished I knew these tips before I went to college. I hope you enjoyed this post! Go get ’em! Tackle the day! Share, like and comment below! Oh and don’t forget to subscribe!

Keep Kicking and smiling! –TJ Banski

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