“Do the Hustle!”

“Do the Hustle!”

Recently my friends and I went to an open night at a ballroom dance studio. Here we learned the basics of the hustle, foxtrot, waltz, tango, cha-cha, rumba and so much more! It started out with a small short lesson at the beginning of the night, where we learned the basics of leading and following. The basic steps we learned were the hustle and the rock step. These basic movements could lead to bigger things and once we felt confident we could spin our partners. I took a few lessons in swing dance so it was easy to follow. My skills from taekwondo translated well as I followed by mirroring the leader’s movements.


After the short lesson, there was a dance party where everyone can dance with everyone. At the swing dance events there is a similar dance party and yes you dance with just about everyone. Its good to learn how to follow and lead in these cases that way you can learn to dance with other people. I danced with two teachers learning the basics steps for the foxtrot and rumba. Dancing is really fun for me. Something I can do by myself or with other people. So I felt pretty confident out there trying to figure out the movements. I danced with a couple of the expert dancers and they taught me to keep a cadence and basic steps of other dances. 

I highly recommend going to one of these events just once. Even if you aren’t as social, here you can meet a lot of new people quickly and with short small interactions. Dancing is a great exercise and a fun way to meet new people! Give it a go!

Have you ever danced any of the ballroom dances before?

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Keep Kicking and Smiling! –TJ Banski


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