Donating on My Birthday

Donating on My Birthday

Golly another year older, wiser and feeling pretty good. I learned a lot this year about myself, blogging, and life in general. A wicked, fantastic year. This year for my birthday I am donating to the American Cancer Society.

A few years ago, my grandfather died of cancer. It was the hardest thing my family and I have gone through. He was the patriarch of the family and the glue that held everyone together. Denying treatment because of how far he was in stages of cancer, he died peacefully sleeping. He told stories from when he was younger and how he came to America and in turn bringing my family over. Being a first-generation Filipino American I never knew how privileged I was to be growing up here in the USA. Here my family and I have the freedom to start our own business and get a great education. My grandfather had laid a foundation for us to build upon by coming here. His death was the catalyst to get me to start my blog. What did I want to leave behind as a legacy for my family? How can I make a difference?

In donating to the American Cancer Society, they can use the funds for research and treatments for those who have cancer or have loved ones with cancer. My hope my donation will go to those in need of the necessary research to catch those with different stages of cancer sooner. If you too had someone or know of someone with cancer or had cancer and survived this a great charity to donate to.

Check out my Facebook page if you want to build upon my donation fund to the American Cancer Society! Thank you for your love and support! More new and fun things coming in the new year! Happy Birthday to me!

Keep kicking and Smiling! -TJ Banski

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