Enhancing My Life

Enhancing My Life

About ten years ago after some really rough fall outs with family and friends, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. What I was doing or where I was going. I was lost. No mentor or guide just living life and not know what really drove me to do anything in. The choices I made were survival-based and I didn’t care come to grips or learn from past mistakes. It wasn’t until 7 years ago I really started to figure me out. What made me tick and what truly made me happy. Now I am working on leveling up those areas of my life. My relationships with family is a work in progress but much better than it was and friendships are few but cherished. Trust me, it wasn’t easy. There would be nights I would cry myself to self not knowing where my next big break will be. Am I doing the thing that really makes me happy? I felt unmotivated, depressed, and lost. Days I would watch tv mindlessly and wait for the next day. I was doing the daily grind of going to work and doing my job at most a meets expectations. I had friends but they didn’t like going on adventures or trying new things. I wasn’t exercising regularly or eat right. It wasn’t until I had a guide to really push me and challenge me to go for it. I feel I met those guides along my journey for a reason. They help encourage me and push me when I needed it. What am I getting at? Well here are some things I did to reevaluate and enhance my life.

Your limitation – it’s only in your imagination

  1. Grade my life: in all aspects of my life if I had to give each category a grade what would it be? Health? Finances? Career? Relationships? Self Image? F= faltering, D= dodging, C = content B = best, A =amazing. Then grading overall. Not going to lie it was harsh grading myself. Back then it was an F or D in all categories. I had to remind myself to be compassionate with myself. It was a hard time. A lot of things had happened, some in my own control others not so much. I made a promise to make every year a letter grade or higher. If I had to grade myself today I think I’d be a C+. Pushing for that B. I want to do better. I know I will do better. It will just take time and dedication.
  2. Say No: I have had a goal of writing my book and publishing it for quite some time. It’s work in progress and time management is something I struggle with. I want to say yes to everything. When in reality saying no is something I never learned. I learned saying no, is okay. To reach a goal sometimes you have to say no to going to another party on the weekend, staying up late, hitting the snooze button, or even the birthday party of a coworker you barely know. Not saying say no all the time but say no when you know you need too.
  3. Everything in moderation: I had to put myself on strict time and schedule myself hours in the day to even get creative. I found in these past months I pushed so hard I ran out of creative juices and I overwhelmed myself with what I couldn’t get done. My focus reverted back to “there isn’t enough time for ____.” I realized I had to shift back. Attack the day in more manageable bite sizes. Maybe every other day do a workout, then read, and then journal. Slowly but surely I got back into a routine that made it flexible to incorporate new things to keep it lively.
  4. Try something new thing every day: This is a concept I know I still have lots to work on. With a newfound focus, it’s easier to find new things. Whether it’s talking to someone new, or trying a new recipe, or visiting a new place. Either way it something new. Keeps the brain fresh and ready to receive new ideas. 
  5. Journal or vlogging: Both for me have been super helpful. I looked back at an old personal vlog I did and wow. I remember that girl. She was tired of working long hours and for what? To get ahead but she didn’t know what she would learn in the next year. Where she would be going or who she would be meeting. She had no idea. For every year since then, I do another video just for me to watch later and see my progress in my mindset what I was thinking at the time, and where I want to go. I learned a lot from that past video and made a pact to always be better than that past me to strive towards a better future me.

Again all these things are hard to go through by yourself. Creating a group to help each other succeed is another way to go. Enhancing yourself takes your choice, habits, and actions to get to the results you want. Lift each other up. We got this!

Keep kicking and smiling- TJ Banski

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