Focusing on the Present

Focusing on the Present

If one thing that the books and meditating have taught me is the art of being present. What is that exactly? Being present in the moment is really having one percent of your mental awareness on a person, event, experience or moment. This is not an easy task. I for one can get easily distracted especially by random things. -Squirrel!- It takes a lot of mental discipline to really focus on in the things, moments or experiences of one’s daily life. So how does one do this?

It all starts with focus. I have learned I can have a total focus for 25-30 minutes spans when it comes to writing or being in the moment. After that, I tend to give myself a break and get distracted again. It’s within those moments of 25-30 minutes I get more things done. Write another few hundred words or research and take notes on the next topic of interest. I suppose it’s having the discipline and drive to do so at first. Then it becomes a habit.

An app I found recently is on that literally plants little trees for me. I set a timer for 25-30 minutes turn off other distractions notification etc. and just hone in what the day’s project could be. I found myself away from my phone more often and just living in the moment with friends, family and even at work. By setting that timer I can get things done.  I found at work with such focus I can really help my clients but listening intently to their needs and finding solutions and options faster. My active listening skills increased and I feel more connected with my clients and know how to help them. With increased focus and active listening skills, my personal life has increased as well. Really being present and not distracted, I can have quality conversations with my family and friends. Quality time is one of my love languages so focusing has really helped me build better relationships.

Shifting my focus to hear my friend’s and family’s needs and stories I can better understand myself and how I can help them. Its been quite the journey and I’m still stretching in increasing my awareness but it has definitely been rewarding. I feel I have gained great confidence in myself by focusing on the present. Less stressed out on what tomorrow may bring but focusing on what I can do now to make things better for my future.

Check out this focusing app.

What are some things that keep you focused on the tasks at hand?

Keep kicking and smiling- TJ Banski

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