Fun Variety Topics

Fun Variety Topics

Need to add a little, spice, flare or fun to your blog? And talk about something other than your niche? Personalize it with these topics!

Q and A topics and questions

  • Favorite ____. Fill in the blank.
  • What if ___?
  • If I were ___?
  • I have never ___?
  • Bucket list?
  • What are your Goals?


Experiences new, old and fun

  • Camping/Hiking trips
  • Restaurants
  • Local hang outs
  • Theme parks and rides
  • Fairs and bazaars
  • Wine/food tastings
  • Activities: Karaoke, sporting events, musicals

Reviews on places and products

  • New gizmo or what’s it
  • New restaurants
  • New attraction

The topics are endless. Spice up your blog a bit. Why not?

Keep kicking and smiling! -TJ Banski

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