Get Unstuck

Get Unstuck

Feeling stuck is like a weight holding you down. Either by one big thing or several things. Either way, it’s no fun and a lot of time it’s hard to think, breath or even sees the possibility of getting up and moving forward. Sometimes it takes time and other times it takes a good venting session. Here are some ways I learned about getting unstuck.

Take a Breath. When things get overwhelming and I begin to overthink things. I have to remember to take a breath. A slow one in and out. It’s a simple motion but a lot of times can clear the thicket of busy thought running through your mind.

Take a look around and look at each event or circumstance separately. Sometimes separating each thing helps lessen the weight that it carries. Especially if it’s something you can push forward in or maybe need help in.

Vent it out. Talk to someone about it, a friend, a close relative or therapist. They may have a different perspective to share or advice or even just an ear for you to talk at, if that’s what you need.

The big question I asked myself is: What can I do about it right now? If it’s a bad situation- maybe separate myself from it, needing a new job- start putting together a resume, bettering my skills- take a class or course to get better. Doing something small in the direction away from being unstuck is the best.

It’s is very easy to get discouraged. Trust me, I have been there, in fact, someone has been there or is going through something hard right now. Just know you are not alone. There is a way to feel and get unstuck from the current situation. It’s finding the possibilities and resources to do so!

Keep kicking and smiling!-TJ Banski

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